1) To provide an opportunity for the youth of Southbury to play soccer. Everyone who wishes to play may do so, and it is the goal of the program to provide each player with the opportunity to play at his or her competitive level.2) To expand the educat

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Coaches Team Evaluation Form: Complete below file/form and Submit via email to the Director of Travel - Jay Zalewski and Coaching Director - Carlos Almeida. 

File to Download is Here:    Coaches Evaluation spreadsheet


At the end of each season, Head coaches & Assistant Coaches should prepare the attached evaluation form for each player on your team.  This form provides an opportunity for you to reflect on your players development and progress from beginning of the year.  The form allows you to assess your players abilities based on following criteria:

1 - Weak  - new players who may struggle with technical/tactical area being evaluated.  This may simply be a lack of physical growth hampering development, or spacial awareness skills which have not been developed at this age.  Typically younger age players new to the game and may have never played any sports at this point.  

2 - Under development - player has made development progress , may show some hints of potential but needs further development

3 - Competent - player demonstrates competent ability in the technical or tactical area but may still require more work to get to targeted achievement level 4

4 - Good - This player demonstrates good skills which have clearly been developed and shows that prior training has helped improve to this point

5 - Outstanding - exceeds most other players in areas of development.  


The above ratings will be used to track players abilities both Tactically and Technically as well as physically

Technical -  Ball skill fundamentals related to dribbling, passing, shooting and receiving to maintain possession for our team.               

  • Ball Control - how good is a player with their feet. 
    • Have they developed ability to control the ball with their feet and keep it close to their body. .  Includes shielding and first touch       
    • Are they able to dribble with the inside and outside of the foot to help them change direction.  Are they able to shield defenders off using their body.
    • Can the player dribble and change direction left right or back.  Can player exhibit a proper take on move. Feint and go etc…


  • Passing - How good is the player at properly passing with proper technique
    • striking the ball with inside of foot or instep to get ball to target (player or goal). 
    • Do they have vision to see teammates around them.            
    • Are players sharing the ball and moving the ball up the field, sideways or backwards to teammates.
    • Does player understand which foot to receive with and open to center of the field.
  • Receiving - How good is the players first touch to receive and cushion the ball
    • Can they maintain possession for their teammates?
    • Or do they give the ball away and 1 touch everything, thereby losing possesion                


Tactical - Game awareness -  Does the player see the field offensively.  Does the player have spacial awareness to where teammates and opponents are.               

  • Defending - Does the player pressure the ball close enough to create delay in progress. 
    • Does player drop and recognize when to steal or anticipate the individual 1 on 1               
    • Does the player support teammates on defense, providing good cover behind the first defender?
  • Attacking - Does the player play with speed and mobility going forward. 
    • Does the player recognize opportunities to take on players in offensive third of field?   
    • Does the player recognize a good shooting opportunity? 
    • Does the player recognize opportunities to play teammates through or behind the defense. 
    • Does the player support the player with the ball? 
    • Does the player provide agile mobility to get up the field with or without the ball.