1) To provide an opportunity for the youth of Southbury to play soccer. Everyone who wishes to play may do so, and it is the goal of the program to provide each player with the opportunity to play at his or her competitive level.2) To expand the educat

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CLUB OFFICIAL EXAM LINK: https://forms.gle/DCMdMEqPRusrFUUk8


REFEREE UNIFORMS LINK: https://officialsports.com/referee-uniforms/grassroots-referee/starter-kits/

W9 FORMS - https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/10686/104571.pdf



More information: https://www.ctreferee.net/become-a-referee/

US Learning Center registration: https://www.learning.ussoccer.com/referee


Become a Referee this year!  Earn money and have fun! 

Pomperaug Soccer Club Officials Program - for in house Big Kicker games only

If you were born in 2010 or 2011, and are a registered soccer player with PSC, you are eligible to be a Club Official, our club-based program that authorizes you to participate as a Center Referee for any U7/U8 Big Kicker games. A Club Official may also be utilized as a non-CJSA-certified AR (linesman) for U9-10 games when needed.

Participation: Any registered Pomperaug Soccer Club player who is a resident of Southbury or Middlebury and was born in 2010 or 2011, is eligible to register in the program. Players who have reached the age of 13 and are eligible to become a USSF certified referee through CJSA’s online program may be still eligible to participate in the Club Official program on a limited basis – please contact Carlos Almeida for more information.

Expectations: Club officials are expected to understand and enforce the general rules of soccer as applicable to the Big Kickers program, as well as the club-specific in-house rules implemented within that program. Further, the job of club official is one of mentor as much as it is of enforcer, as club officials are expected not only enforce the rules, but to help the players understand the rules being enforced (i.e., to explain what was done incorrectly and how it should have been done correctly). This is not intended as a replacement of the coach’s responsibility to teach their players the rules and techniques of soccer, but instead to support that training by reminding players on the field why a particular call was made the way it was.

Uniforms: Each Club Official will be required to purchase, at their own expense, a standard uniform consisting of standard black referee socks, standard black referee shorts, standard yellow with black striped referee jersey, cleats, a whistle, and a watch.

Certification Requirements: Any player wishing to become a club official must review the Club Official's training guide & pass the exam. Each year thereafter, as long as the official remains eligible for the program they will remain in the pool.  

Accountability: A Club Official is responsible for providing an e-mail address that will be used as the primary contact point, and for frequently checking for both new e-mail as well as new game assignments within the pomperaugsoccerclub.com club official assignment system. He/She is responsible for fulfilling all accepted assignments, or for directly contacting the referee coordinator (by phone) in the event that he/she is unable to fulfill an accepted game due to illness or other unavoidable situation. The official is also accountable for reporting any unusual events that may occur during a game (i.e., serious injury, abusive language/actions, etc.) to the referee coordinator upon completion of that game. There are no requirements to report on other information such as the score or outcome of a game.  The Club Official, and not their parent(s), holds full responsibility for their participation in the program and for ensuring that they properly manage their communications and game assignments as required by the club.

Pay Schedule:

Level Division Center AR 1 AR 2 Game Total Half Duration
Big Kickers U07 $30.00 N/A N/A $30.00 20
U08 $30.00 N/A N/A $30.00 25


Existing Big Kicker Referees: Existing Big Kicker club officials who refereed big kicker games in previous season and who have already taken the PSC Club Officials course, DO NOT need to retake the Club Officials course.   You will be automatically addded to the available list of club official referees.  If you no longer wish to participate, please contact Kelly Almeida (kellyalmeida9@yahoo.com).   

New aspiring Big Kicker Referees: Please review the information at the top of this site.  If you have additional questions you can contact Carlos Almeida (Carlos_Almeida@ct-soccer.net).  You will receive an on-line document and take home test which you must pass to be eligible to referee big kicker games this Spring season.  

Age 13 and up: You can move up to become a USSF Certified Grassroots Referee.   See "New Referees" section below to start this process now.

CJSA Certified Referee Program - GRASSROOTS PROGRAM

CJSA Certified Referee Program:  is administered by the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) for the entire state of Connecticut. Once certified as a Grassroots Referee, you can work as a Center Referee and Assistant Referee (linesman) for all travel games (U9 & above).  You receive a USSF (United States Soccer Federation) patch that is recognized throughout the country.  This is a great opportunity to earn money and continue refereeing throughout college, because you can do it for clubs in other locations! Existing referees must recertify each year. See http://www.ctreferee.net/ 

  New Referees:  If you will be 13 years old or older by June 30th 2023, you are eligible to take the 2022/23 online courses to be certified as a Grassroots Referee for the 2023 Spring/Fall seasons.   New Referees will have to take a Field Test once they pass the online portion.  First field training and test information will be posted on the www.ctreferee.net website.  Check for exact dates.

More information: https://www.ctreferee.net/become-a-referee/

The Grassroots Entry Level Training is now open for registration and will certify you for the 2023 Spring/Fall seasons, making you eligible to ref the younger teams (U9-10). Please check the CT-Referee website for exact dates.  There are 2 parts to the certification for new refs:

  1. The online test
  2. The one day Field Training/Test session - make sure you look at the schedule and plan ahead.  They will be adding new times as the season progresses, so keep checking.... don't wait until the last minute.

There are several IMPORTANT things to remember:

  • Please go to the website http://www.ctreferee.net/ and follow instructions for New Referees.
  • Review all the documents and instructions that are provided there before attempting to take the online test.
  • Read Entry Level Referee On-Line Course Instructions before you proceed with any aspect of the Entry Level Training
  • Click on the flashing image "Referee Clinics" to go to the Referee Clinics page to proceed
    with registration for Entry Level Training.
  • Click here to read the USSF document Information For New Referees
  • All Entry Level training requirements (On-Line Modules and Field Training/Test Session) must be completed on or before December 31.

For the On-line Test:

  • You will have to provide a Credit Card prior to starting the test
  • There is a "session limit" of 30 minutes, so be sure to save your answers every so often ..... after 30 minutes the system logs you out and all un-saved answers will be lost
  • You have 2 chances to pass the 100 question test with a score of 75 or better.
  • It is an "open book" test so have your handbooks with you for reference


How does the program work?

Once you are certified, you are provided a referee login to the CJSA website.

For consideration for PSC travel games, your next step is to Contact Carlos Almeida (carlos_almeida@ct-soccer.net)

You will need to set up an account in the League Athletic system - see instructions on next page (Referee Procedures).

Once you are setup on the pomperaugsoccerclub.com site, you will be eligible to be assigned PSC travel games.

Pomperaug Soccer Club Referee Minimum Pay Schedule for Referees - as of Fall 2022:

Level Division Center AR 1 AR 2 Game Total Half Duration
Travel U09 $50.00 $30.00 $30.00 $110.00 35
U10 $50.00 $30.00 $30.00 $110.00 35
U11 $50.00 $30.00 $30.00 $110.00 40
U12 $50.00 $30.00 $30.00 $110.00 40
U13 $60.00 $40.00 $40.00 $140.00 40
U14/15 $60.00 $40.00 $40.00 $140.00 45
U16-HS U19-HS $70.00 $45.00 $45.00 $160.00 45
Premier U16-U19 $80.00 $50.00


$180.00 45
CT CUP U11-12 $60.00 $40.00 $40.00 $140.00 35
CT CUP U13-14 $80.00 $50.00 $50.00 $180.00 40
CT CUP U16-18 $100.00 $60.00 $60.00 $220.00 45