1) To provide an opportunity for the youth of Southbury to play soccer. Everyone who wishes to play may do so, and it is the goal of the program to provide each player with the opportunity to play at his or her competitive level.2) To expand the educat

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Travel Academy U13 & U14

Pomperaug Soccer Club uses an Academy format for U13/U14 in which players from these age levels play together.  Teams are formed based on ability level.   

The club has separate boys and girls teams, with teams entered in either A or B brackets (varying with registrations).  Travel teams play the Northwest or Southwest District.  Play is 11 vs. 11 on a full size field with full size goals. Games are 40 minute halves with a size 5 ball. Practice is generally twice a week with games on Saturdays for B bracket or Sundays for A Bracket. 

Program Approach:

U13-U14: The primary coach will be an Everson professional coach who will run 2 practices a week as well as manage the games.  However, we still require a Parent Team Manager to coordinate communications, logistics, and working with the opposing teams on scheduling.

At the Academy level, emphasize adult standards and formal rules, with focus on these areas:

  • Moves, Shielding and Spin turns
  • Receiving Quality and 1st touch
  • Take balls out of air/turning
  • Passing Short, long, bent, crosses, driven, chipped
  • Shooting On the run, on the turn, from all angles
  • Heading To goal, pass, and clear
  • Tackling Proper technique and timing Slide
  • Attacking and taking risks
  • Defending with pressure (in front and behind)
  • Keeping possession
  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Watching higher level play
  • Training for flexibility, speed, strength, agility
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Injury prevention
  • Soccer terminology and detailed rules
  • Warmups and cool downs Goalkeeper specific development

Registration Costs: 

  • $350 each season 
  • The club offers Early-Bird discounts (-$20) so register early to save!!
  • The club also adds on Late fees (+$45) - as any registration past the outlined dates causes additional work for our volunteers and the timelines that need to be met.
  • Uniform kits are an additional cost ~$100.  Important details on the Uniform Replacement Cycle timing are HERE.