1) To provide an opportunity for the youth of Southbury to play soccer. Everyone who wishes to play may do so, and it is the goal of the program to provide each player with the opportunity to play at his or her competitive level.2) To expand the educat

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Big Kickers (U7 & U8)

Big Kickers Program Description

Big Kickers is a recreational program with emphasis on development of individual skills, field position and the rules of the game. Separate divisions for boys and girls. Practices are held during the week and games are played on Saturdays. U7 games are two 20-minute halves held on reduced size fields with 4 players per team and no goalkeeper. U8 games are two 25-minute halves with 4 per team and no goalkeeper. Both U7 and U8 use a size 4 ball.

Basic skills and concepts learned during Big Kickers:

  • Proper kicking technique
  • Dribbling versus kicking
  • Shooting (Far/Near Post)
  • Passing vs. Kick-and-chase
  • Getting open and marking a man
  • Moving without the ball
  • Start talking: I'm open!
  • Win the ball
  • How to pivot and turn
  • First Defender: The player closest to ball must challenge or block
  • Pass to space

Get to know rules about:

  • Throw-ins: keep feet on ground and hands above head
  • Corner kicks and goal kicks
  • Fouls: cannot kick, trip, push or hold opponent
  • Hand-balls: no using shoulders to fingers on purpose

Registration Costs: 

  • ~$150 each season 
  • The club offers Early-Bird discounts (-$20) so register early to save!!
  • The club also adds on Late fees (+$35) - as any registration past the outlined dates causes additional work for our volunteers and the timelines that need to be met.

Current Season Fall 2023

  • Opening Day for Spring 2023: First games will be on September 9.  One rain date/make-up date is TBD if needed, but refund guaranteed for canceled sessions. 
  • All games will be held on Saturdays. Check the schedule on your Team page for detailed info regarding game times and field assignments.
  • Practice times, days, & locations will be scheduled based on the availability of the coach volunteers, and are generally twice a week. One of the practice sessions will be with a professional coach.
  • Weekly Trainer Practices are typically scheduled once per week.
  • All players will receive a team T-Shirt.
  • Parents should not expect to be contacted by their coach until the week before the first session. Please be patient.
  • Please arrive at the field at least 10 minutes before each session for warmup.
  • For questionable weather, check Field Status on the pomperaugsoccerclub.com home page.

Checklist for each session

  • Shin Guards (For safety reasons, all players must wear shin guards in order to play)
  • Soccer Socks (black recommended)
  • Soccer Cleats
  • Size 4 Ball
  • Water Bottle
  • Team shirt (for games only)
  • Soccer Shorts or sweat pants (black recommended)
  • If cold, dress in layers with team shirt on top

Session Times

All games will be held in the afternoon at Settler's Park Field 5 on Saturdays- always check your Team schedule page for field assignments and game times before heading to the field.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes before each game to warm up so that games start on time.

  • Games
    • U7: 12:00 (arrive 10-15 min early, games begin promptly at 12:00)
    • U8: 1:30 (arrive 10-15 min early, games begin promptly at 1:30)
  • Weekly Trainer Practices - Times TBD after team assignments
    • Monday - U7 Girls
    • Tuesday - U8 Girls
    • Wednesday - U7 Boys
    • Thursday - U8 Boys

Big Kickers Coordinator:   

U7 Coordinator - 

U8 Coordinator -