1) To provide an opportunity for the youth of Southbury to play soccer. Everyone who wishes to play may do so, and it is the goal of the program to provide each player with the opportunity to play at his or her competitive level.2) To expand the educat

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Spring Travel Coaches Meeting 3/30 & 3/31 & Other Info
  NWD & Pomperaug Soccer Club Spring Travel...
PSC - Field Overview
  Coaches, See the 'Documents' section...
Coaching Resources
  Coaches, Link to the schedules section...
Spring Travel Coaches Meeting 3/30 & 3/31 & Other Info
by Pomperaug Soccer Club posted 3/6/2021

NWD & Pomperaug Soccer Club Spring Travel Coaches Meetings

1. Mandatory Northwest District (NWD) Coaches Meeting is on Wednesday 3/31 TBD if virtual or at Heritage Hotel, Southbury

  • At least one representative from your team must attend.  This is the meeting where you will meet other coaches playing in the NWD, and be provided your schedule of games and on which date.
  • Times not confirmed yet but will be one of the 2 time slots below and the PSC coaches meeting will be the other one.
  • Girls Teams @6:30-7:30
  • Boys Teams @7:45-8:45


2. Mandatory PSC Coaches Meeting for ALL Teams - Tuesday 3/30 (Zoom Meeting)

  • This is an internal PSC meeting for ALL coaches/teams. 
  • Zoom Call info will be sent out ahead of time.
  • We will go over season details, game scheduling, field availability, and several other points.  


- Trainer schedule will be pulled together later in March.


SafeSport Training is required for ALL coaches and volunteers affiliated with the PSC.  If you refreshed or took in the Fall 2020 season you are covered for the Spring 2021 season already.

More details at the link below and we will discuss at the coaches meeting.  In the meantime, see the link on how to take the required 90 min training & you can get started on this at any time - http://www.nwdteams.com/Page.asp?n=116468&org=NWDTEAMS.COM


PSC - Field Overview


  • See the 'Documents' section below - PSC Field Overview Spring or Fall for a full overview on the available fields and game time slots for Travel games.
Coaching Resources


  • Link to the schedules section on the CJSA website for both NWD & SWD is HERE.
  • See the 'Documents' section below
  • The PSC_HowToEnterScores_CJSA_USSoccerConnectWebsite file provides instructions how to enter your scores for NWD or SWD on the new CJSA US Soccer Connect platform.
  • The Sports_Connect_Website_HowToVolunteer file provides instructions how to volunteer on the website and address the CJSA requirements (Background, Concussion, SafeSport).
  • The PSC League Athletics Website Overview file has been posted to help coaches/managers with using the website to communicate and schedule practice/games for your teams.
  • The PSC Coaching Manual for full details on all Travel Coaching related items. (A working version)
  • The Travel PSC Coaches Meeting Fall or Spring file will be updated as needed each season and posted below.
  • The Travel PSC Referee Fees & Reimbursement file will be updated as needed each season and posted below.
  • The In-House PSC In-House Coaches Meeting Fall or Spring file will be updated as needed each season and posted below.




Adobe PDF file CT Cup Overview *-  - Overview and Registration details for the CT Cup, file will be updated each season.

Microsoft Word file Pomperaug Soccer Club Coach Application *-  Application for all interested coaches for the Pomperaug Soccer Club.

Adobe PDF file PSC Coaches Meeting Fall 2020 *-  slides presented during the 9/1 PSC Coaches meeting.

Adobe PDF file PSC Coaches Meeting for In-House Spring 2019 *-  Slides presented at the Spring 2019 In-House Coaches Meeting on 4/8)

Adobe PDF file PSC Coaching Manual *-  - Detailed manual to assist with all coaching related areas. (Version 2 - 8/30/18)

Adobe PDF file PSC League Athletics Website Overview *-  Some key points for PSC coaches on how to use the League Athletics (LA) website (pomperaugsoccerclub.com)

Adobe PDF file PSC Referee Fees & Reimbursement *-  Document outlining the Referee Fees per age group and how to get reimbursed for qualified expenses. (Updated 9/2020)

Adobe PDF file PSC Tournament Overview and CJSA Tournaments *-  - Tournament guidelines and local tournaments for the upcoming season for travel teams to consider.

Adobe PDF file PSC Travel Evaluation Form *-  Pomperaug Soccer Club Travel Player Evaluation Form for Coaches and/or Trainers. - Please review the 'ReadMe_Definitions' Tab of the file for instructions.

Adobe PDF file PSC_Coaches_Meeting_Spring2021 *-  - slides presented during the 3/30 PSC Coaches meeting.

Adobe PDF file PSC_Field_Overview_SpringSeason *-  - PSC Field Overview for Spring 2021 season with updated time slots to minimize crowds as fields

Adobe PDF file PSC_HowToEnterScores_CJSA_USSoccerConnectWebsite *-  Shows how to report scores on the new CJSA US Soccer Connect website system.

Adobe PDF file Sports_Connect_Website_HowToVolunteer *-  - provides instructions how to volunteer on the website and address the CJSA requirements (Background, Concussion, SafeSport)

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.